Sunday, June 05, 2005

Christ the Lord:Out of Anne Rice's Obsession

Although we all have so many things on our plates like writing our own work, reading others, supporting others, I wanted to highlight a bit of news that I forgot to post last month. Anne Rice is writing a novel--a first person POV of Christ.

NEW YORK May 7, 2005 — Vampires are usually her passion, but Anne Rice is getting biblical in her next book, due out in November from publisher Random House. Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt will tell the story of Jesus' early years in his own words.

Excerpts of a lengthy letter that will accompany advance review copies of the book this summer are published in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

"For over 10 years I've wanted to do this book Jesus in his own words," Rice writes. "For five years, I've been obsessed with how to do it, and for the last three years I've been consumed with nothing else."
Rice, who has moved from New Orleans to San Diego, brought the undead back to life in the 1970s with "Interview With the Vampire."

I will definitely keep you in the loop as snippets of this book trickles through the pipeline. What say you?

Writing to see what the end gon' be,


Anonymous said...

People like to sneer but I respect Anne Rice. She's an artist with integrity, even if she is a bit full of herself. This book is a natural development in her work and not so surprising. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like.

Dee said...

Thanks for commenting.
I don't think my post sneers her work. I am a fan of Rice myself. Loved The Fiest of All Saints.
And I liked when she emailed an Amazon Reviewer.
This blog is about Christian Fiction, and if I didn't post this news I wouldn't be doing the blog justice.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: 'An artist with integrity'? Are you for real? Everyone out there who read the Vampire Chronicles in the mid 80s knows that she sold out to Hollywood. Tom Cruise was totally miscast as Lestat. Pitt could have passed for Lestat but Cruise was never envisioned as Lestat by readers. Writers sell their integrity to Hollywood everyday.

Andrew Vachss (Burke) and Robert Crais (Elvis Cole)have integrity. They refuse to sell their work because they know the money junkies in Hollywood would bastardize their story and character.
Example: Who out there, while reading The Da Vinci Code, saw Tom Hanks as the professor? Get real! Hugh Jackman, yes; Clive Owen, yes and a few others. Spielberg jumped on the bandwagon also to make more money because God knows, he's going broke...Tom Hanks as Langdon. Honey, Anne Rice and integrity are as well matched as Pee Wee Herman is to Elvis Cole!

Anonymous myself

Dee said...

Ok...thanks for the passionate comment. But if I hadn't mentioned this before I don't want cursing on my blog.
Another perspective on the whole Vampire movie thing. Is that author's do not have a great deal of creative control when it comes to casting movies based on their novels. And it's not fair to blast Rice for taking the novel into a movie or any author for that matter. Amy Tang's The Joy Luck Club and Alice Walker's A Color Purple are great examples of novels going to the big screen and changing the way we view the world.
But Anonymous M I must agree with you Pitt would have been a better Lestat and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought Hugh Jackman would have been a great Landon for the DaVinci Code.:)
Thanks for commenting.

Michelle said...

Rice herself was very, very unhappy that Tom Cruise was cast as Lestat and she made her opinions abundantly clear on that subject before the movie was released. In spite of this, she saw the film and when she saw Cruise she admitted that she was thrilled. Just because a reader (or an author) doesn't envision a certain actor or actress playing a character in a novel doesn't mean that they're the wrong choice for the role. I admire Anne Rice for always speaking her mind and admitting when she's wrong. I look forward to reading her new work.

Dee said...

Thanks for commenting, Michelle. I am so amazed with all the hoopla over the upcoming Anne Rice novel. As a christian, I often wonder what was Christ's childhood like, how did he see things in adolescence. I would love to know Rice's character development process for this novel. Does she feel more divine inspired, then anything else. I also what christian fiction authors think of such a subject matter that has been waiting to happen since Christ's Ascension. Thanks for commenting.

S. D. Enterprises said...

So nice to see Mrs. Rice branching out. Yet if you enjoyed her vampire novels, there's little for you to hold onto. That is if you enjoy Christian Fantasy or even good, wholesome Fantasy. Well, fear not, there is somewhere to go for those who don't like their vampire/werewolf Fantasy so dark. Read what one reviewer had to say about "Never Ceese":

Clint Smith Author/Former State Legislator Military Historian/Film Historian

Vampire and werewolf myths go back generations and have captured the fancy of many a culture. Classic books of the late nineteenth century and cinema renditions of the legendary creatures from the early days of Hollywood have played a role in shaping our imaginations. People are attracted to the mysterious icons of horror and fear. But why are vampires and werewolves so popular? Could it be our ability to relate to them? These poor creatures walk amongst us, interacting, embracing and engaging in most any setting –as long as it takes place under the cover of darkness. And most readers probably believe that the story lines have all been exhausted. But along comes Sue Dent’s provocative, bittersweet and unpredictable novel, NEVER CEESE. It takes the two classic monster legends and incorporates them into the Christian fiction genre in a way that both entertains and witnesses to the glory of God.
The plot grabs your interest immediately and takes you on a thrill ride. Darkness and evil are important ingredients of the story. But the story is spiced with enough humor to lighten the mood at appropriate times. And yet the spiritual themes so essential to Christian fiction are interwoven with a fascinatingly dramatic style. Adults and teens alike will be captivated by NEVER CEESE.
Sue Dent hails from Mississippi, a state steeped in the heritage of literary giants who would all tip their hats, curtsy or raise a toast to their native daughter’s tale. It successfully crosses the fantasy, horror and Christian fiction genres. Dent imparts spiritual themes in a provocative and thought-provoking manner.
Bram Stoker, Anne Rice . . . . They’ve got nothing on Sue Dent!
The author’s fans appreciate her ability to weave a plot that captures your heart, stirs your emotions, and leaves you yearning for more. Good news readers! A sequel is in the works – ‘Forever Richard’.

Now you don't have to wait for Mrs. Rice or anyone else to write a good Christian Fantasy about vampires/werewolves, Sue Dent already has.


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